Give your website a boost. Use Cloudflare.

Does your website load slowly? Do you get an email notification from your hosting provider of exceeding your limits? Does your website have SSL? More importantly, do you receive bandwidth limit notification from your hosting provider?

If you experienced one of those I wrote, then I recommend you start using Cloudflare. It is a content delivery network or known as CDN. What it does is, it makes your website loads faster by caching your static files and contents and distributing it into their CDN centers across the globe. 

How does it work really works?

Let says for example your hosting provider is located in the US and your viewers or audience are mostly Asians. If these Asian viewers open your website it will take some time to get the resources and files from your website to load if fully on their device because their browsers will need to request and wait for files and contents from far location which is in the US.

With Cloudflare, you can improve and increase pages load of your website by around 30% to 40% the benefits of this is that Google or Web crawlers will put or mark your content into a higher position since your website loads faster than the others. It is a win-win solution for you.

Cloudflare or CDN saves a copy of your static files like javascript and stylesheets as well as static HTML contents into their servers.

Whenever an Asian visits your website. Instead of downloading resources in the United States, Cloudflare will serve those contents in the country where your viewer resides. For example, they are from Singapore, Cloudflare will serve contents on their Singapore server.
These cut the requests time to half and significantly and statically improving your website performance and page loads.

In terms of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, the faster your website loads, the better your ranking position is. You get a free SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificate. Web pages that are secure or served securely get a higher position in SEO rankings.

With free SSL certificates, you can ensure to your audience that they are reading securely, plus you don’t need to purchase an expensive SSL certificate. Cloudflare offers free protection from attackers. It is also offering a free web firewall for your website.

How to check website using Cloudflare?

If the website has SSL certification you can identify if they are using cloudflare. Their SSL certicated is issued by cloudflare. See figure below.

Another way to find out is a simple ping, you then check the IP address origin.


If you want to increase your website performance, then don’t hesitate to use Cloudflare. It is free and has lots of features that are generally helpful for your website. A lot of website uses them.