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One year review Ubuntu Mate

I am writing this to give you the pros and cons of using Ubuntu Mate. As of now, Microsoft Windows still dominates the market when it comes to desktop OS (Operating Systems). I am a windows user for many years. Like you, I also experienced dealing with viruses, malware, and harmful advertisements. It is hard and I feel like I waste so much of my time.

Ubuntu Mate comes in play. Last year December 2019, I cannot recall the exact day. I was writing a project on ms word when suddenly there was a power outage. The power came back after 4 hours. To my surprise when I booted my PC I got a message saying Windows unable to boot blah blah blah. That was too much for me. I grab my laptop, downloaded some ubuntu mate iso then I proceeded to installation.

Let’s talk about ubuntu mate pros.

Fast, Responsive and Beautiful

My PC booted in just 10 seconds and shutdowns in less than 10 seconds. So fast. I never had experience this when I was using Windows 10. The overall design was very minimalistic but to me it was very beautiful. They have nice desktop background that you can change. The menu opens fast and there all usefull already installed apps. I like the menu because applications are arrange depending on category or their type. See photo below.

Well, I am a gamer so naturally Steam is present and installed.

Security and Stability

Quick information, 98% of the active viruses and malware today targets and infects Windows-based OS, and only a few or 2% targets Linux/Unix/Mac operating systems. Stability; ubuntu mate is stable to the core. If you install the LTS (Long Time Support) version you are in good hands. Thousands of developers and system administrators and even hackers share their findings and reports to the community making the Linux stable and secure since they upload solutions and fixes fast.

Native Peripherals and Hardware Drivers availability

Ubuntu mate offers generic or native drivers support. It means 95% of existing hardware both modern and old are supported. Your audio will work okay, you can play or watch videos. Your ethernet card (Lan) connection is automatically recognized and supported.

Web browsing / Playing movies

If you are just using your computer for researching and reading stuff online then Ubuntu mate is a great partner for you. You don’t even need to pay for a license. You can use Firefox or Google Chrome to browse the web. Opera browsers are supported. I used Opera Browser mainly when I am researching. I love their bookmarks and history features. When playing movies you can watch it by installing a VLC media player which is a free and open source.

Office Documents and word processors

Open Office or Libre Office is your best partner when writing and creating word documents or spreadsheets (excel) although they may lack some features, unlike MS Office. You can write documents on this. I don’t have a problem using this Libre Office. I recommend you use the Libre Office because this contains almost 70% of MS office features/plugins.

You can do a lot of things in Ubuntu Mate. There a tons to offer. Don’t be afraid to try it. You can always ask the internet if you think you are lost. Go forward and try it. I recommend it.

Lets talk now about the CONS.

Like other OS, ubuntu mate might missed something. One of the cons that I believe is the hurdle of other people from switching to Linux from Windows is the design and tools.

If you are a fan of MS Office you will find Libre Office lacking in many features.

This OS is not for gamer people. Sure you can install Steam but still there are only few games that is being supported to linux. Dota 2 runs on Ubuntu mate better than when I played Dota 2 on windows.


Don’t be scared in trying new things. Ubuntu is secure and stable. It is packed with open source and community supported tools that can help you accomplish many task. I was fine using this Ubuntu Mate for a year now. I have no complain. You can rest and sleep soundly knowing that your files and PC are safe for data corruption. You don’t need to worries about viruses and stuff.

Thank you for giving and spending your precious time reading this article I made. I hope in some ways you learn something new.


    1. Pasensya na boss di ako agad naka reply. I play Dota 2 with Ubuntu Mate OS. Na try ko yung Steam OS pero mabigat kasi laptop lang gamit ko. Nag switch ako sa Ubuntu Mate mas magaan same lang din yung gameplay.

      Na try ko rin yung LoL sa Ubuntu Mate kaso medyo kapagod yung installing ng mga dependency. I installed both wine and lutris and LoL has a lutris installer (.deb). Playing LoL in Ubuntu Mate is almost the same as playing in Windows. Performance is very okay. I stop playing both LoL and Dota 2 though. Di kaya ng internet plan ko yung daily updates ng Dota 2 hehehe.

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