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Senate Bill 1831; Better Internet Act.

Good news for us Filipinos, finally, someone notice the unfair internet connection speed that we have been paying expensively. 

The new bill will be called the “Better Internet Act” in short. 

The authors of this new bill are none other than Senator Manny Pacquiao and Senator Grace Poe. 

Still, we have to wait until this bill is passed and signed by the president, but it is good news. For many years we Filipinos are paying expensive internet connection. It is unfair to us because the speed is so slow compared to other Asian countries. 

According to Statista from their 2017 report, the average internet connection speed in the Philippines is around 5Mega bits per second (Mbps) or around 625Kilo bytes per second (Kbps). 

To give you an idea of how to internet speed works. If you have a 5Mbps connection and you want to download a video with a size of around 100Megabytes (MB), it will take 120-140 seconds or 2 minutes to download it completely.

The proposed bill has the following content:

  1. Urban Cities 
    1. The fixed broadband minimum speed is 10Mbps.
    2. Mobile broadband minimum speed is 5Mbps.
  2. Rural Areas
    1. The fixed broadband minimum is 3Mbps.
    2. The mobile broadband minimum is 2Mbps.
  3. Other cities and areas
    1. Minimum of 5Mbps connection speed for fixed broadband.
    2. Minimum of 2Mbps connection speed for mobile broadband.

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