linux console photo

Changing timezone Debian via console.

Hello there! Changing your machine or device’s timezone in Linux is easy.
The first step to do that is you need to know first your device available timezones.

To check the available timezone for your machine, you can run this code below.

timedatectl list-timezones

The above command will output a list of timezones that are available on your machine. Use your keyboard down and up arrow keys to navigate to check other timezones. See image example below.

Once you decided the timezone that you want. You can then use the script or command below to apply that timezone that you wanted.

timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Manila

That’s all, simple as that. If you get an error message like access denied or command not found. You need to add sudo at the beginning of the command see below.

sudo timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Manila

Of course change the timezone with the place or country that you want. Thanks for reading this.