Quick similarities of John Wick and Nobody 2021 movie.


Everyone was talking about John Wick and its badass scenes the moment it was released in theaters and it was a very huge success. We are lucky that the film did not end there and we saw amazing sequels that complete the story. While watching some YouTube thing, the movie “Nobody” flashes to my eye and catches my attention.

After watching the movie “Nobody” I realized that there are weird similarities to John Wick’s story and I’ll tell you below the similarities.

1. Conflict and killings started with simple reason.

You agree right? In John Wick‘s story, the war started when the foolish child of a Bratva (Russian Mafia) kills John Wick’s dog which is gifted to him by his late lover. All the countless killings started because of dogs and that is one of the saddest parts of the movie for me. You agree right.

Meanwhile, the killings and conflict in “Nobody” started when the daughter of Hutch Mansell (played by Bob Odenkirk) ask for her “kitty cat bracelet” and all started with that. Do you agree?

2. Both are assassins’ trying to leave a normal life.

Do both movies share the same story, a scary assassin trying to live a normal life that seems to be impossible? In John Wick, he leaves the circle to be with his wife which we found out has an illness. In Nobody, we have found that he wanted to try a simple and normal life because he felt jealous when he saw his victim family happy and leaving together and that is sad that they were dragged back again into their old ways.

3. They got robbed.

In the movies, all the characters got robbed. John Wick’s car was stolen by a Bratva son after killing John Wick’s dog.

In the Nobody robbery scene, Hutch can prevent that but we later knew that he did not continue because he knew the gun the female robbery used is empty. His son is pissed off in return for not doing that. The police and other neighbors too look down on him for letting away the robbers. Even me honestly until later revealed.

I think that is the sum of it. For me, this is one of must-see action film this year. I dare you to watch it.

Watch Nobody Full Movies Trailer

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As of now, at this time of writing, this film is not available on NETFLIX and PRIME but soon will be.

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